ASQ Lean Enterprise Division will host the Lean Service Design Program

(ASQ)  Lean Enterprise Division will host the webinar Lean Service Design: Closing the Gaps between Perception and Reality on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CST.

80% of Companies believe they deliver a Superior Service, only 8% of their Customers agree

Lean Service Design changes the way you think about business. No longer can companies focus their efforts on process improvements. Instead, they must engage the customer in use of their product/service rather than analyzing tasks for improvement. We must change our mindset from thinking about design at the end of the supply chain to make it look good and add a few appealing features. Instead, we must move design and the user themselves to co-create or co-produce the desired experience to the beginning. Lean Service Design Trilogy

We typically think of Service as a verb or an activity that is consumed by our customers. We think of Service in forms of organizational functions such as Engineering, Purchasing, Shipping, Marketing, Accounting, IT, Human Resources. When we set out to improve one of these functions, we look at how we do the work. We focus on our own activity. The carryover of product thinking that better, faster, cheaper wins is a total misnomer. The focus on our own activity encourages internal thinking and misplaces our priorities. While addressing services from this viewpoint may seem to be productive and worthwhile, it misses the point in design. If we intend to make services profitable, we must accept that customers do not care how we do our work. They might not even care that we are incompetent at certain functions. Customers want us to provide a service to help them achieve a desired outcome. However, have we designed our services to demonstrate that value?

Lean Service Design Trilogy teaches us how to…
·       Think of services as products or deliverables.
·       Close the performance gap between customers and your organization.
·       Create services that can be part of a package.
·       Create services that are not only supporting but also self-supporting.
·       Create services that are cost leaders not cost losers.
·       Create opportunities through services.
·       Create revenue through services

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If you can’t wait for the webinar, you can always sign up for the workshop!

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