Dave Snowden’s Talk on Cynefin at LeanWX

LeanWX NYC 2015 was a five-day, single-track conference (Wednesday through Sunday). The conference incorporated short format 20 minute talks, keynotes, Lean Coffee, and open spaces and was organized around presentations, great food (including macaroons flown in from France), and discussions on how organizations can adopt LeanUX, Design Thinking, DevOps, and Kanban in their organizations.

Will Evans, Founder, Executive Producer of LeanWX uploaded Dave Snowden’s talk at the show and it was probably the best 38 minutes on Cynefin that I can remember. A little long for many of us but I think it is well worth the time. A few highlights:

  • First time that I have heard the origin of the name of Cynefin framework
  • Changing of Simple to Obvious nomenclature
  • Why the Cynefin Framework is not a Quadrant (a mistake that I made originally)
  • A few great stories along the way

Complexity Informed Design Thinking – Dave Snowden from William Evans on Vimeo.

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