Essential Reading for Lean, Agile and Service Designers

There have been few books that impacted my work in using Lean in the marketing process than this book, The Theory U by C. Otto Scharmer. Scharmer has just released a new version that is well worth the read,  Amazon:

I was using CAP-Do (superimposed over the “U” in the image to show how it corresponds to steps 1,2,4,5) but really had not taken Lean into an area when I was embracing emergence. Theory U did that for me. 

Theory U, Synchronicity, 5th Discipline (Series), and Presence all originally published over 10 years ago and each of them were around 600 pages. Scharmer followed with a more reasonable length and insightful book Leading from the Emerging Future, All of these excellent books but somewhat difficult to put into business practices.

Scharmer newest book, as the name suggests, boils down the essential material into a practical and useable piece of work. This coupled with the idea of Presencing or in Lean Terms, Hansei is the best material I have found on using reflective practices, especially for emerging thought.  

For more information on CAP-Do review this recent Slideshare Infographic:  

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