Finishing the Poka-Yoke Job

We have found the root cause but how do we correct it? The correction may seem easy at this point but how do we know it is just not a band-aid. My preference is to go back to the Fishbone diagram and use the same method we use in discovering the root cause to discover the best solution. I also use the matrix to visualize and confirm the final choice. root.jpg

One of the important things you now must do is to consider the control device you will use to monitor the progress. In manufacturing we consider limit switches, stop/no go gauges. However, in service industries it can be much more difficult. In event planning though it could be something like an ineffective advertisement. You could build into it milestones that if it not achieved that certain positive or negative consequences occur.

Another example may be in developing advertisement copy; you may have certain acceptance criteria that are built into the process. It could be time sensitive, for example. You must remember even what seems like the best solution, if is uncontrollable will not lead to good results. You may want to consider another alternative and a result is that the perceived best action may change or become clearer as you improve. The method:

  1. Start with the Root Cause of the mistake. Brainstorm ways to eliminate the mistake(Fishbone).
  2. Note on each idea how you will handle the mistake: Don’t Accept, Don’t Make, Don’t Pass On.
  3. Consider the cost and time of solving the problem
  4. Place in matrix on Easy/Hard to do, Big/Low Payoff.
  5. Review the controls to use.
  6. Make your choice.
  7. Proceed and monitor.

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