To be effective – HOW COOL does your marketing have to be?

I am just not sure you can make anything that is cool enough anymore to really be an eye-stopper. The only ad that I think of right away, is the Apple notebook that fits in an envelope.

After a recent presentation to a group of start-up businesses, I asked for feedback. The only negative feedback I received was that someone was really looking for that Aha moment. Or that one great thing to do in marketing that could help them jettison their product or service.

Why is that? I think inexperience marketers always wonder why little of their marketing works. They run ads, get PR and time and time again are baffled that just little works in the way of marketing. I disagree that there is not anything that works. I believe just about eveiStock_000002694861small.jpgrything works, but only just a little. The world has become so fragmented on the way it receives information that you have to reach even a very target audience in numerous ways. I think that is why building a community with your existing customers is being emphasized. If they are targeted enough and have a strong enough dependency on your product or service, you will have the ability to communicate with them.

In implementing a Duct Tape Marketing System that Aha moment comes when the customer finally discovers their Target Market/Ideal Client. Immediately after that time it seems that their core message materializes and their marketing messages start following a defined path.

Even with have a defined message, you still have to use numerous methods to reach your audience. Again, there is not one way that is going to work. But what does work is great content and linkage. You must link every single event together and build on that. Think like a spider web. Every connection you make, you must find a way to link it to another event or another instance and to another and to another. Soon you will have started to spin your web and when you start collaboration you can start tying their net into yours.

It gets a little more elaborate than this but if you are looking for that big bang from a marketing firm, I don’t think it is there. I just don’t think it can be made cool enough for you!

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