Impact Mapping as a Quick Check for Your Next Marketing Experiment

How do you check your projects/campaigns/experiments before launching?

Impact Mapping is a tool that Gojko Adzic introduced to me in a book several years back. In it’s simplest form, I have found it to be an excellent way to check for alignment, and clarity when launching and committing to a project or marketing campaign/experiment. It is what I might call my litmus test.

It can be used for much more than that as multiple branches and even goals are linked to the different blocks. It fits very well into an outcome-based mapping approach that actually was the forerunner to the Funnel of Opportunity process I use presently (

Amazon Book link for Impact Mapping:

Impact Mapping Website:

My interview with Gojko Adzic YouTube Link):

P.S. Just for clarification the “How” in the Impact block is not about “how we do it.” It is about “how should the actor’s behavior change?” etc.

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