Using Lean, TOC & Six Sigma to Transform Schools

The Excellent Education System: Using Six Sigma to Transform Schools helps you discover and understand the technique of evidence-based learning and operations through which the modern school satisfies the need to increase the flow of successful students through the educational system from Kindergarten through Grade 12. This book explains, in clear terms, what educational excellence means and the principles of process improvement. In addition, it gives you an introduction to the Six Sigma methodology. Included in the discussion are case studies of educational professionals who have found a new world centered on the evidence-based educational processes. These processes lead to many examples of dramatic turnarounds in some failing schools.

Daniel T. Bloom SPHR, SSBB, SCRP is a well-respected author, speaker, and human resource strategist, who during his career has worked within a wide variety of industries. He has been an educator, a contingency executive recruiter, a member of a Fortune 1000 divisional HR staff and the Corporate Relocation Director for several real estate firms in the Tampa Bay area. He is an active member of the HR social media scene since 2006 with contributions to Best, WordPress, Human Capital League, and Recruiting Blogs.

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