Should You Be Increasing Your Marketing Research?

Should research become a larger part of the marketing budget?

Should marketing research drive innovation or should innovation drive marketing?

What happens in your company?

Though most of us are past that idea of a silver bullet, the viral marketing campaign still exists in many minds. I am not saying they don’t happen but just like luck, it is a function of hard work and being there at the right time (Marketing rhythm is very unappreciated).

In today’s world, getting the message out is somewhat commoditized. The idea of measurement both past, current (real-time), and predictive are at most of our fingertips (wallet).  So, how do we stay ahead in the marketplace?

Marketing research needs to become foremost in our minds. It needs to be done in real-time and as an iterative process of diagnosing situations, taking action and reflecting. For my Lean counterparts, CAP-Do: SDCA>PDCA>EDCA.

Lean Should Be Simple:

Funnel of Opportunity:

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