Lessons from the Rescue of 77 Businesses

If there’s one shared trait among the companies Bob Bethel took over, it was their approach to accounting. Each one of them was using what Bob calls “taillight accounting” – looking backward to see how the business is doing financially. He does not blame them for using this method of accounting, as this approach is preferred by the majority of companies in this country. The problem is that taillight accounting encourages business failure.

His new book, Strengthen Your Business: Fail-Proof Strategies From The Man Who Has Rescued 77 Businesses, stems from witnessing other business owners’ struggles, and a desire to step in and turn things around. In it, you will see that Bethel takes a practical approach to business advisory rather than an inspirational one, focusing on the fundamentals of what makes a business profitable.

About: Bob Bethel is the orchestrator of seventy-seven business turnarounds over the past fifty years. His early successes and troubles in his career inspired Bob’s passion for taking over struggling businesses and making them profitable. Bob has turned around companies in every industry imaginable and has helped save over ten thousand jobs.

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