Can You Create Forgetfulness? Unlearning?

How do you forget something, so it is easier to learn something new?

What are your views about forgetting? Unlearning?

As a sales and marketing person, I am always trying to create an edge on how to introduce something new. I bet others think and struggle along that line or the sayings like “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” (book of ‘Husbandry’ -1523) would not exist. The thinking has been around a while and recently has become prominent in the innovation realm of today.

My research found though it is a passive act of decay (storage), the most relevant to the situation is what becomes active (retrieving). The lack of reinforcement or replacement with something that is more situationally /seemingly relevant is what causes forgetting. 

Last week, The Oxford Review, who I have done work for and am a subscriber, published their finding “The Oxford Review Research-Based Guide to Unlearnings.” Always interesting to see what evidence-based research says.

Link to the special report:

How We Learn by Benedict Carey, Amazon Link: