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This is a collection of Business901 podcasts on Kata Training. It is about 3-hours in length and features the following guests:

The Learning Factor Inc. is a Vancouver-based organization dedicated to making business and labor smarter about learning through innovations in workplace education. Tracy Defoe does this is a variety of ways and one her favorites is the Toyota Kata. In her organization, Tracy plays the role of Chief Education Organizer.

Yours truly, Joe Dager discussing the subject of the Marketing Kata. Marketing Katas have come about from my work as a Lean practitioner specializing in Service Design and Sales and Marketing. During this time, I have developed a process of using Kata in my marketing as the basic way I become involved with clients. Unless you have developed a standard practice, marketing is not anything more that an experiment. Kata is a way of doing. A way of developing structured practice routines.

Pat Boutier, co-author of The 7 Kata: Toyota Kata, TWI, and Lean Training, that question and below was his reply.  The book received the Shingo Award for Research and Professional Publications from the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence. It discusses the blend of Training within Industry (TWI) with Kata in a very unique way.

Shingo Prize winning author, Conrad Soltero. Conrad won the Shingo Prize as the principal author of The 7 Kata: Toyota Kata, TWI, and Lean Training. It was published in 2012 by Productivity Press. He works at the Texas Manufacturing and Assistance Center or TMAC as we’ll call it and is a Shingo prize examiner.

Brandon Brown delivers tangible and sustainable continuous improvement results as a Toyota Kata Coach and Lean Instructor/Facilitator as an Associate for the W3 Group. Since 2006, Brandon has been a Professor of Operations Management at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville teaching courses in the Industrial Engineering department such as Lean Production and Leadership Principles and Practices for the Master of Science in Operations Management degree program.

Most of us including myself was introduced to Kata through Mike Rother’s work documented in the book, Toyota Kata: Managing People for Improvement, Adaptiveness and Superior Results.

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