Lean Marketing – Map Current State

SimplyMap Current State put, you cannot determine how to get somewhere without knowing where you are at.

In a previous post on Lean Six Sigma marketing-Explore , I had stated Explore, the data to identify a cause and effect relationship between variables, was the 3rd step in building a Lean Six Sigma marketing process. I also stated that in the Duct Tape Marketing planning system that the Remarkable Story and Product or Service Innovation coincided with the definition of Explore.

I think this is one of the most powerful tools but is the least understood. Establishing a baseline or as it is so well put in Michael Kennedy’s book Product Development for the Lean Enterprise :  “The root issues must be understood from two perspectives: what is causing them and what stands between how things should be and what they are. Failure to understand will result in widespread wishful thinking and superficial solutions.”

There is a true art to mapping and takes quite a bit of work to become proficient. However, utilizing Marketing Plan Pro will allow you to build that current state of your organization and your product or service. It is important to precisely know where you are at and be able to define that to your customer.

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