Lean Marketing – Map Future State

Map Future State In my previous post on Lean Six Sigma marketing , I had stated Develop, a new process so that the problem is eliminated and the new results meet the new requirements, was the 4th step in building a Lean Six Sigma marketing process. I also stated that in the Duct Tape Marketing planning system that the Lead Generation coincided with the definition of Develop. Now with adding the Lean component. Map Future State, we start seeing where the rubber is going to hit the road.

This is the step typically everyone wants to jump to immediately. It is much like project management and thinking that it is just about scheduling. As a result it is the most abused and where most of the waste occurs in a process. We make plans and instead of having a sound basis, we use instincts and tools that are not directed and often based on what I call “The Deal of the week.”

An example being, is the practice of placing advertising to reach a mass audience. The thought process is that not only do I reach my core constituency but also others. Forget it, that simply is not going to happen. Do the math! Take your core constituency and divide that by the Ad dollars spent. Send a message to only your core constituency. Now, is the Ad dollars well spent? Can you do it more effectively through another media?

Using your current state map, where would you like to be and realistically what time frame can you do that in?  Map the tactics that you need to use to fulfill the Metrics you developed. Take one Metric, that you have mapped in your current state and create a future state map on what is needed to be accomplished through not just the Lean Generation process but also the Lead Conversion stage. Take it all the way to finished product if possible. Then go back and remove any waste in the process. I challenged you to just try this on one metric and see how it would look ideally. Now set your timeline on what is achievable. Use this exercise and you can start understanding Value Stream Mapping much better.  Are your processes getting leaner?