What a Small World we live in!

Social Media went through the roof this year and as I have mentioned before it is not going to get smaller, and especially not Capture in Indiana. Smaller Indiana has taken firm roots and RainFortWayne is doing the same. 2 Fellow Rainmakers, Lorraine Ball and Kyle Lacy have made significant strides in Social Media and the blogosphere. But I wanted to congratulate them on being listed on blogs.com top ten list for Small Business Marketing. Now, blog.com has a lot of lists and you may not deem that all that newsworthy. However, look at this list and see the heavyweights on it.

  1. Seth Godin –
  2. Chris Brogan –
  3. John Jantsch(Duct Tape Marketing)
  4. David Meerman Scott(Web Ink Now)

The title of this blog is "What a Small World we live in!" And the point is as of 12 months ago, I was blogging a little and just taping into the social media. Signed up on Facebook and LinkedIn but really did not know what to do with  it. Now, as a I review the list to the right I am directly connected to 3 people on this list and loosely connected to 4 others. As a result, I have 2nd degree connections to over 2 million people.

Well, we know that is not quite true, but it does show you the power of Social Media and where it is going. Lorraine and Kyle have not been at this for that much longer then me and Lorraine just re-did her website to a wordpress blogsite this year. They have an advantage being in Indianapolis and the proliferation of Smaller Indiana this past year. But they also took advantage of it!

I encourage you to not get left behind, and particularly in Fort Wayne. Step up and make RainFortWayne a site that people visit to get connected!

P.S. Start blogging!

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