Strategy & Customer Service, Part 2 of 2

John Goodman, Vice Chairman of Customer Care Measurement and Consulting (CCMC), has published scores of articles including “Using Service to Grow the Top Line” in the AMA Journal, 8 articles in Quality Progress as well as BrandWeek, the American Banker and Marketing News. Business Week credits John’s research for creation of the GE Answer Center, the original customer satisfaction contact center, as well as instigation of service initiatives at American Express, Coors and Toyota. The American Management Association published his book, Strategic Customer Service, in May, 2009.

John was my guest in the podcast, Where Strategy and Customer Service Meet, Part 1 of 2

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John will be presenting at the ASQ 2013 Service Conference. He holds a pre-conference on Sunday, October 6th WKSP01: Using the Voice of Multiple Customers (VoC) to Drive Quality: Be Easy to Do Business and Monday’s  Session M04: Beyond the Buzzwords: Using Data to Enhance Loyalty and Service ROI. On Tuesday afternoon, I have the honor to be presenting at the same conference, Session T06: Lean Service Design.

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