A Customer-driven Marketing Company?

Are you creating inbound marketing materials and strategies that are customer centric? Or, are you a company that creates outbound material that are forced on customers and as a result driven from the inside out. The new wave of marketing is becoming not only more inbound, but the stakes are getting raised higher and higher to gain a response.

Strategy 2.GIF

In a competitive market, we can’t wait on a customer to find us though can we? Are you getting the business with your present marketing tactics? I encourage you to initiate customer driven marketing, NOW! That is the essence of the diagram that I have used to show you the different stages. The technology is here and affordable. A good example is Amazon. Every time you click, you create your own content. You reinforce it and tweak on every visit. They are also creating an environment with the Kindle that may determine how we use the Internet in the not too distant future. They could even possibly win the search engine battle over Google or Microsoft in providing online content. A complete wireless Internet supports that theory and they are ahead of the competition. It may very well be the Internet of the future.

I approach this subject because as we install a component of Lean, Poka-Yoke into your company, we are raising the stakes and not accepting general improvement. We are looking initially for breakthrough strategies and after that continuous improvement. So ask yourself, and from the strategic side, are you customer driven?

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