Start Fixing Marketing Mistakes

In the previous blog post, I discussed the Strategic side of the Lean Principle, Poka-Yoke. In the tactical side, we get away from the big picture side of the equation and start looking at some of the actual tools we will use to create Poka-Yoke process. I created a flow chart to guide us through the process but the chart was not meant to have a direct correlation flowing horizontally. We may find all the common errors in just one of the Process areas discussed. In later blog posts, I hope to take the Lead Generation tactics of advertising, public relations and referrals through a Poka-Yoke process. However, we need to acquire some general knowledge of the subject.


First, we must identify our processes that we use in developing for example an Advertising campaign, Trade Show or any type or of Event Launch. Each would require a different process flow diagram. In Six Sigma, this is the Define stage of the project. We will develop a team charter, process flow diagram and a few more items but our goal will be going after low hanging fruit. The goal is to simplify and mistake proof the process, keeping it simple is the key!

Secondly, we will examine areas that we may find errors in our process that would improve items such as delivery, taking on a job we may not qualify for and/or not have the proper equipment. In our post, we will break down these errors defining them further to see if we can control them.

Thirdly, we must get to the root of the problem to ensure that the improvement method we choose can be applied as a real solution, and not just a bandage. We typically use a fishbone diagram, to help prompt us to ask why at least five times. This will enable us to discover the root of the problem. Only then ask, how do we fix it and put the solution into practice Only at the time, do we determine how to create the basic improvements for our desired outcomes and create a roadmap to start and more importantly maintain the value stream created.

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