Does your Sales People have their own drip marketing program?

You pay a significant amount for a sales call, why not reinforce it. If you are making a sales call, maybe even introducing a new line what would you think about this scenario?

Day 1: Send an email out asking for an appointment and to introduce a new line of interest.

Day 3: Call to set appointment a week in advance, minimum.

Day 5: Send e-mail confirming time of appointment, people attending and that a postcard will be arriving soon.

Day 6: Drop postcard in mail that has a link for a download on the new product. You will know if they download it.

Day 9: Send e-mail with appointment confirmation and introduction to a webinar on this subject several weeks away.

Day 10: Sales Call explaining whitepaper on "How it would apply to their business" and "How the Next Webinar might assist them."

Day 12: Send survey which will enable you to channel them as a cold, warm, hot lead.

channel changer.jpg

Now, this is where you will channel the prospect into the drip program that you choose. Let’s say you have a Hot, Warm or Cold prospect. This will determine the ready-made program that you have.

The cold needs more nurturing or maybe not even need the new product. We drop him into a program that emphasizes the applications, testimonials, and maybe a little more glamorous look of the product or service. We will stretch this program out over a 90-day period with a little less frequent personal contact.

The warm prospect seems to be interested but has no need that will accelerate the purchase decision. We combine some of the items above with educational information, charts, graphs that demonstrate the savings and more practical applications of the product/service. Follow-up in person or through a phone call and try to move them into a presentation. The presentation could be a webinar, download or in person. A survey follows that will demonstrate where they need to stay segmented.

The hot prospect can see the opportunity but still needs to justify expenses. We also need to accelerate the learning curve of others in the organization. We put them on the testimonial track and start pounding home the saving s of the product. This particular program weighs heavily on personal contact, video and demonstration. A survey follows that will demonstrate where they need to stay segmented.

We have not tried to be very specific but just tried to demonstrate the ability to segment your prospects effectively and maximize your sales person’s time and efforts. All of these functions can practically be handled automatically and/or by an inside person. The sales person is in complete control of what the prospect is receiving, the window they have to call and the follow-up necessary. Sounds like a plan?

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