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with purchase of the Marketing with Lean Book Series.

Marketing with Lean Book Series available for instant download

MWL - 4 books in Line link

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Lean Marketing House (More Info): A starting point for creating true iterative marketing cycles based on not only Lean principles but more importantly Customer Value. Recommended 1st reading of series.

Marketing with PDCA (More Info): Targeting what your Customer Values at each stage of the cycle will increase your ability to deliver quicker, more accurately and with better value than your competitor. It is a moving target and the principles of Lean and PDCA facilitates the journey to Customer Value.

Marketing with A3(More Info): Enables sales and marketing to use the Lean tool of A3 as a structured approach for their problem solving, strategies and tactics.

Lean Engagement Team(More Info): The ability to share and create knowledge with your customer is the strongest marketing tool possible.

Marketing with Lean Book Series available for instant download

Lean Sales and Marketing Program

Program Outline:

Week 1-4 (Learning Level 1 training – General Awareness): In the first week ; The 5 Lean Principles: Identify Value, Map the Value stream, Create Flow, Establish Pull and Seek Perfection will be introduced for sales and marketing. We cover basic Lean principles with a twist towards sales and marketing.

Week 2-4 (Learning Level 1 training – General Awareness): We discuss the basic components of SDCA – PDCA – EDCA. Why standard work (SDCA) is required, how to develop continuous improvement (PDCA) and how that reinforces the components of design or exploratory thinking (EDCA).  

Weeks 5 & 6 (Learning Level: Deeper Understanding, Skill Development): The last two weeka we will introduce the workbook and you will be given the opportunity to apply your own value stream and walk through the process of building a Lean Marketing House Value Stream.

Weekly Training Outline:

Day 1 – Train: Discussion of the philosophy and tools that are needed for the topic of discussion. It is not meant to be completely comprehensive, and you may have many questions on the tools or process. Many of these will be answered during the week when you actually implement the process.

Day 2 – Explore: We will explore problems and try to reveal the as -is state. Here is where we try to understand the problem better.

Day 3- Ascertain: This step is where we find root cause, potential solutions. The outcome is to construct a new process and prepare for implementation of it.

Day 4 – Implement: This is where we implement the countermeasures of the process outline any additional training needed.

Day 5 – Close: We will summarize and give you the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice. What are you steps? How can you do this?

We have added significantly to the 28-day program making it six solid week of training. At the cost of the Marketing with Lean book Series ($49.00), you will gain access to the entire Lean Sales and Marketing program.

Marketing with Lean Book Series available for instant download

Additional Support:

  • Recommend that you have access or purchase The Toyota Way Fieldbook.
  • 30 day Coaching Support ($250.00): Will support your Lean Sales and Marketing session through Smartsheet discussion platform and you will have a downloadable record of files and discussion threads at end of project.
  • If you would like to schedule a live discussion ($50/hr) or a webinar ($75/hr) on a particular subject just use the contact page

The book download is automated but access to the workshop has not been. After purchase of the four books and payment has been received, you will receive access to workshop within 24 hours. This is an online program and will take about six weeks to complete. You will also receive the Lean Sales and Marketing A3 workbook.

Marketing with Lean Book Series available for instant download

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