I believe in a Marketing System

When people start talking to me I normally can tell if we are a good match very quickly, I simply state; “I believe in installing a marketing system .” Depending on the answer, I know right where to slot them in my marketing funnel. Convincing someone in a short amount of time that a system works is very difficult. It has to be nurtured. I have yet to find a process that accelerates that learning curve. Convince someone that a system works is usually a process better served through webinars, ezines, etc.

Here is my normal follow-up after my first comment:

Our experience is that a system will always outperform any other approach. Building a plan on where you are is one of the most important processes that you can do. Then we can define your objectives; develop strategies to achieve them, and then institute tactics to carry out your strategies. If your objectives are not being met, your strategies and tactics may need to be changed. But without a baseline and a plan to work from, the process and achievements are only arbitrary.

Systems do not complicate your life, they make it easier. The secret to any good system is how well it can be tailored to what you need NOW. The system is developed and implemented around your needs, not the other way around. An effective marketing process spans from lead generation through sales closure. Pick one area at a time and make a commitment to improve that. You might have a long list, but you have to start somewhere and before too long you’ll have dramatically improved.”

As an example, most businesses have no marketing, nor sales process whatsoever. Too often you think of marketing as manipulative tricks to get prospects to notice and respond. The truth is marketing is a process of presenting real value in an attractive, competent and compelling manner. In the marketing process you need to have questions prepared, value points outlined, and an understanding of exactly when to listen and when to ask for action. When a prospect says, “I’ll think about it,” they really mean, “You blew it.”

So tell me, do you need a SYSTEM, Or do you need to think about it?

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