Individual Lean the Root Cause of Success

Can the principles of Lean be applied to your daily life?  Dan Markovitz, founder and owner of TimeBack Management certainly thinks so. He has developed a consultancy specializing in improving individual and organizational performance through the application of lean concepts. Dan has backed up his claim in his latest book,  A Factory of One: Applying Lean Principles to Banish Waste and Improve Your Personal Performance.  Dan feels Lean can be just as powerful for yourself as it for organizations.Dan Markovitz

After talking to Dan, I reviewed the 5 basic principles of Lean:

  1. Identify Value
  2. Map Value Stream
  3. Create Flow
  4. Establish Pull
  5. Seek Perfection

I certainly found an interesting relation to how I apply them from an organizational standpoint and how I could use them to improve my day. Dan gave a few tips and encouraged me to find the root cause of several of my most nagging problems. I can’t say the choices were easy but I was certainly able to address them and make decisions accordingly. Now, if I can only sustain it!!!

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I reviewed the book in this blog post: How do you handle inputs into your life? and there is a written excerpt from the podcast, Can you Lean yourself?.

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