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The Business901 Blog hosted an abridged version of our Leans Sales and Marketing online workshop. This is a podcast or the audio only version of the Monday through Saturday posts. Each day, the blog post includes a brief introduction, short video, workbook page and recommended reading. On Monday, February 11th, the program started and followed this outline for the week:

  1. Monday: Why Lean makes sense for Sales and Marketing
  2. Tuesday: Understanding Structure to deliver Value
  3. Wednesday: Customer Perspective on Value
  4. Thursday: Value Stream Mapping differs in Lean Marketing
  5. Friday: Lean Marketing methods for Flow and Pull
  6. Saturday: Seeking perfection in Lean Sales and Marketing
  7. Sunday: Lean Marketing Overview in 30 minutes


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Blogshop Description: Lean Sales and Marketing is about using PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) through-out the marketing cycle with constant feedback from Lean Orgs Enjoy Learningcustomers that can only occur if they are part of the process. It is about creating value in your marketing that a customer needs to enable him to make a better decision. It is a moving target and the principles of Lean and PDCA facilitates the journey to Customer Value. Improving your marketing process does not have to constitute wholesale changes nor increased spending. Improving what you do and increasing the speed that you do it can result in an increase in sales and decrease in expenses. In Lean Marketing concept value streams differ from the more traditional approaches found in other mapping process. Its primary focus is not the discovery of waste but of process improvement with a very specific strategic intent, delivery of superior value for the execution of an organization’s value proposition. This means that the focus of the analysis must be on those segments and processes within those value streams that have the most substantial impact on the most important value drivers.

Do remember, this is an abridged version of the 60-day program that is offered as part of the Lean Sales and Marketing Training at no additional charge when you purchase the Marketing with Lean Book Series.

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