The Lean Marketing version of Lean 3P

Designing your Value Proposition

Lean 3Ps of Marketing: Purposes, Practices and People

The  Competing Values Framework is used to organize an approach to leadership and management development. An excerpt from a paper (download the entire paper) by the author of Competing Values Leadership: Creating Value in Organizations (New Horizons in Management).

These dimensions form four quadrants, each representing a distinct set of organizational and individual factors. They identify, for example, the criteria of effectiveness that must be pursued by organizations, the leadership and managerial competencies that are most effective, the underlying culture of organizations, and so on. What is notable about these four core values is that they represent opposite or competing assumptions.

In the blog post, Lean Sales and Marketing Productivity – Applying SMED, I discussed the importance of being able to break down and/or bundle your product and services to match the customer needs or the job to be done. In the blog post and Infographic, Lean Marketing meets Service Dominant Logic; I discuss the roles that we must take to deliver on the value proposition that was created from the product/services. Both are viewing the process from the inside – out. One of my standard lines that I have a tendency to wear out is that it is no longer marketing’s job to get the message out, rather it is marketing’s job to get the message in, Outside – In thinking.

How much of our time, do we spend evaluating the existing customer’s value framework? Do we understand or ask the right questions to understand their decision making process? The Competing Values Framework can be used as a way of training your sales force on understanding that process. It is a way of aligning behaviors and practices to desired results. It is not only important to understand what drives your customer and your organization Purposes, Practices and People (PDF on the subject) but equally important to understand how that affects your communication to each other. It is a great asset for aligning Value Stream Teams to the appropriate customer and a great aid in responding to proposals.

This video is an excellent introduction to the Competing Values Framework. However, view it from a position of an outside-in approach.

Does your sales force understand your different value propositions and how they can be delivered?

How often do they receive training on new uses of your value propositions?

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