Understanding Structural Lean to deliver Value

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An overview of the process: Lean Marketing House Infographic

Lean Sales and Marketing Blogshop 2 of 7: Understanding Structural Lean to deliver Value

In the research paper, Relations between Lean Management and Organizational Structures, the authors came to this conclusion:

Lean management can be a very effective management method, but, as the practice shows, it must be treated as a holistic approach directed to changing the whole company. Having the knowledge about the principles of the method, there is no doubt that when going deeper into lean, a traditional, highly hierarchical structures are not effective, and can be even an obstacle to further changes. It means that organizational structures should gradually change toward more flexible solutions. As the research conducted by the author showed, this can only bring positive effect and augurs well for the future.

I have always touted that for Lean to be applied in customer facing applications such as Sales and Service that the organizational structure has to change. This video discusses why organizational change is needed and how the Lean principles of Leader Standard Work offers the best alternative to achieve this.

iCustomer Graph: Organizations need to have healthy relationships and interactions with their customers. However, they need to know how much interaction is needed based on the product or level of service being delivered. There are two components of the iCustomer Level. One is the depth of your organization’s customer interactions and the second is the Progressions of Economic Value. The level of Progression of Value Intelligence is described in Pine and Gilmore’s The Experience Economy: Work Is Theater & Every Business a Stage. More information can be found at What is your iCustomer Level?

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