Why Lean makes sense for Sales and Marketing

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An overview of the process: Lean Marketing House Infographic

Lean Sales and Marketing Blogshop 1 of 7: Why Lean makes sense for Sales and Marketing

Very few people take on the challenge of bringing continuous improvement to sales and marketing and one of the reasons it is so difficult is that sales always have been about relationships and people. When you are a “people person” you blame errors and faults on people not the processes. You just don’t consider a process at all. I would argue that you cannot improve a system without a process and that sales and marketing does things within the boundaries of a process.

Lean helps you focus on these area:

  1. Manage for Change
  2. Listen to Customers
  3. Focus on Process
  4. Use Teams
  5. Practice an open Organizational Culture
  6. Apply Technology

It is not about force fitting Lean to Sales and Marketing.

It is about adapting Lean Thinking to Sales and Marketing.

This video is Why I think Sales and Marketing can benefit from Lean Thinking.

For the Worksheet today, Please click on this Link for a description and outline to the Scholtes Canvas

The Scholtes Canvas for Lean Marketing

This is not an easy exercise. You have to understand your customer. However, the attempt offers an insight on how sales and marketing can benefit from a continuous improvement process.

 Recommended reading:



Tomorrow’s Blogshop is on Structural Lean: Understanding Structural Lean to deliver Value
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