An Exercise in Value

Lean Sales and Marketing Virtual Workshop

Would you like to simplify your marketing?

Would you like to remove the constraints in your marketing?

Are you willing to quit thinking like Wanamaker (50/50) and start thinking like Pareto(80/20)?

Do you still look at Social Media as a time waster?

“Joe is an excellent coach, He is very knowledgeable, right to the point, and he goes the extra mile for his students.” Betty L

Each Participant will receive the E-Books

Lean Marketing House, Marketing with PDCA, Marketing with A3 and the Lean Engagement Team

Program outline:

  • Week 1: Learn how standard work (SDCA) will simplify your marketing process.
  • Week 2: Start practicing continuous improvement (PDCA) in your sales and marketing.
  • Week 3: Explore (EDCA) the service dominant thinking world and the newest social platforms.
  • Week 4: Learn how you create demand?

“Joe Dager is an invaluable resource for business owners interested in taking their success to the next level. His knowledge of current technologies, marketing and lead generation are excellent. A true “pro” when it comes to business coaching and consulting. I hold great respect for him and his fund of knowledge. I strongly recommend Joe to those who are looking for the “best” in help with business development.” S. Lee

This program is not about the vast amount of material and training you will access.

Exercising Value

It is an exercise in understanding on how to use the value that you create.

 Do not sign up if…

  •  your Sales and Marketing efforts run like clockwork
  •  you know what is the best path for improvement
  •  you are getting results from social media
  •  you have all the demand that you want

“Joe presented clear and concrete ideas and devoted himself to our success. I highly recommend him as a business marketing consultant.” P. Steinbach

The Lean Marketing House is a complete 28-day program

  1. Unlimited email support
  2. Special Discussion Group on the Lean Marketing Lab
  3. Review of individual A3’s plans with feedback
  4. Training program website
  5. 2 Hours of live Q & A.
  6. As an added bonus. we will include a program that I helped develop with Dr. Eric Reidenbach; it is the 5Cs of Driving Market Share.

Additional program Information

“I have long been a fan of Joe and Business901 but it was not until the spring of this year that I hired Joe to assist me with my marketing efforts. His commitment and dedication to helping me achieve my business goals has been second only to my own. Combining his creative approach to the content side of marketing with his use of Lean marketing strategies, Joe has delivered far above my expectations. If you want to take your business to the next level, I’d highly recommend contacting Joe and Business901.” – S. Wilson

 Implement Continuous Improvement into your Sales and Marketing!

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