Lean Marketing House in Paperback

A few reasons to consider the Lean Marketing House book:

Is there a reason to use Lean in Sales and Marketing?
Do you have to be practicing Lean in the rest of the company?
Is Lean Marketing the same as Agile Marketing?
How does A3 problem solving relate to Marketing?
Why is Social Media so Lean?
Can your company ever complete a Lean Transformation without Sales on board?
What does Knowledge Creation have to do with Lean?
What are the Lean Marketing Tools?
How would you create a Lean Transformation?
Develop stronger partnerships with your customers?
Provide a methodology to become more precise in your sales and marketing?
Begin a continuous improvement program in your sales and marketing?

I have just received the shipment of Lean Marketing House book in perfect paperback form. That means I no longer have to create the ring-bound version. in celebration of this, the first 100 purchases will include the following:

  1. Lean Marketing House Paperback Book
  2. Lean Marketing House book on CD (Direct access to the Links Provided)
  3. Marketing with A3 Book on CD ((Direct access to the Links Provided)
  4. Best in Market by Dr. Eric Reidenbach on CD
  5. Membership on the Marketing with A3 website
  6. Related audio recordings and eBooks on subject.
  7. 10% Discount Code to the Lean Sales and Marketing Summit. (30 day limit)
  8. 50% Discount code to Driving Market Share Program (30 day limit).
  9. 30 minute free coaching session on Lean Implementation (must be scheduled).
  10. All items will be shipped to you (No Downloads).

Book Description: When you first hear the terms Lean and Value Stream most of our minds think about manufacturing processes and waste. Putting the words marketing behind both of them is hardly creative. Whether Marketing meets Lean under this name or another it will be very close to the Lean methodologies develop in software primarily under the Agile connotation. This book is about bridging that gap. It may not bring all the pieces in place, but it is a starting point for creating true iterative marketing cycles based on not only Lean principles but more importantly Customer Value.

It is not about being in a cozy facility or going to Gemba on the factory floor. It is about starting with collaboration with your customer and not ending there. It is about creating Sales Teams that are made up of different departments not other sales people. It is about using PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) through-out the marketing cycle with constant feedback from customers that can only occur if they are part of the process. It is about creating value in your marketing that a customer needs to enable him to make a better decision.

It is about managing a Value Stream Process. This is going to require re-thinking about the way you do business and the way you think about your markets. More importantly the way you think about Value. Value in terms of how your market defines it. Stop thinking about product or even product benefits. Your marketing systems must support the delivery of value to your customer at a much higher rate than your competitor. Targeting that Value proposition through the methods described in this book will increase your ability to deliver quicker and more accurately than your competitor. It is a moving target and the principles of Lean and PDCA facilitates the journey to Customer Value.

This Special Offer is no longer available but the Lean Marketing House is available on Amazon.

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