Marketing your Black Belt

I believe that Lean Six Sigma Consulting has the greatest opportunity ever and in my terms, opportunity = NEED. What we need is the greatest transformation of efficiencies from know-how to implementation, and I think Lean Six Sigma is ideally suited to fulfill that need. Marketing your Black Belt is based specifically on addressing these issues:

  1. Customer Acquisition: The process of finding new customers is expensive.
  2. Marketing: Advertising is expensive, and you may not have the specialized skills or time to create sophisticated websites or professional-looking marketing materials.
  3. Customer Retention: It is hard to stretch limited resources in order to spend time with existing customers while trying to acquire new ones.
  4. Communication & Collaboration: Your customers need to be able to stay in touch with you from anywhere.
  5. Covering All Aspects Of Marketing: You don’t have time to become an expert in every role required to market your business

black belt.jpgStill wondering if you should attend? Are you using a tri-fold brochure, tons of product material, post cards, 4-color advertisements, a profile or two of yourself and maybe attending a network event or two, YOU NEED TO ATTEND THIS EVENT.

The question you must ask yourself: How Good are you at Marketing Yourself?

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