Masters of Design Thinking Presentation

I am a big fan of the two people that put this presentation together. One being former podcast guest, Arne van Oosterom, Partner at DesignThinkers in Amsterdam  and the other, Graham Hill who can be found on his Customer Think blog. They provide an insightful journey through a few of the latest thoughts in Service Design thinking and of course, The Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing.

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2 thoughts on “Masters of Design Thinking Presentation”

  1. Hmmm … strange that you mention Graham as the originator of these slides since it has been my business partner and friend Erik Roscam Abbing from Zilverinnovation who did this workshop together with Arne … just for the records.

  2. Ralf, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Never intended to overlook or give credit where credit is not due. In the slide presentation, credit is given to Graham on slides 26-30 and was just trying to acknowledge it.

    I congratulate for your participation. Wonderful presentation.

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