The Disney Way

Recently I saw a tweet from Lorraine Ball at Roundpeg that led me to this article by John Sviokla on The Havard Business Review:

How would Walt Disney Market in 2009!

Great article which points out

Core principles that we can all learn from Disney:

  1. Know the story is king.
  2. Utilize the newest technology to tell that ancient story in a new way.
  3. Coordinate the message across the media.
  4. Have the courage to innovate.
  5. Ride your uniqueness.
  6. Stay on message.

“We can draw wisdom from Walt Disney, who understood the multi-media, multi-channel, multi-experience world four score years (what are you thinking of now?)”

Read his article but more important in this world of “Change” take ownership of the word that describes your organization and you will live through it. Do you question what Disney stands for when you see the Castle.

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    Its very interesting article guys and thanks for sharing information about Core principles that we can all learn from Disney: I really so interested to learn all principles. 


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