A Lean Project Planner

Lean Design and Lean Construction Consultant, Trainer and Author, Alan Mossman of The Change Business was my guest on the Business901 podcast, We don’t use a Transactional Contract for Marriage, Why for Projects?

Our conversation centers around The Last Planner® a project management system created by Glenn Ballard and Greg Howell co-founders of the Lean Construction Institute. In long term building projects, they have found that managing relationships is the important part of project management.

This is a transcription of the podcast.

Alan Mossman trained as an architect and worked for many years in management and organization development. He only returned to construction in 2000 building on his knowledge and understanding of collaboration, systems thinking, quality and lean. An accredited UK based Last Planner trainer, he has coached teams implementing Lean and Last Planner for a wide range of clients in Europe, Africa and Australasia.

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