An Uncommon Way of Thinking about Service Design

Service Design Thinking: Anne Morriss, the best selling co-author of Uncommon Service says, Anne Morriss

We live in a world where lots of organizations want to deliver great service. We work with managers all the time, who are committed to it. Customers, as we know, are hungry for it, and yet, our service experiences are still overwhelmingly negative. In pursuing this question, what became clear is that past excellence is not necessarily intuitive. It’s not about trying harder, deciding the customer is always right. It’s more about making careful design choices and very deliberate trade?offs. There are some surprising rules and pitfalls along the way. We wanted to get some of those insights out in the world because we think, basically, the world is ready for it.

This is an excerpt from the Business901 podcast with Anne. We discuss the four universal truths outlined in the book for delivering uncommon service:

  1. You can’t be good at everything.
  2. Someone has to pay for it.
  3. It’s not your employees’ fault.
  4. You must manage your customers

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The book’s website is an excellent resource and I encourage you to take the survey and utilize the Service Design Tool located there. This is a very challenging perspective for most of us. However, I think you will find the information to be well researched and presented in a compelling fashion.

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