Problem Solving w Appreciative Inquiry

Could this be the missing link between Lean and Sales and Marketing?

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) focuses on growing or increasing in value through exploration and discovery. It is a positive approach to change. It compliments Lean Thinking when you view Lean from a Value perspective versus a Waste Perspective. It is also relevant on how you use Lean. If you use Lean on the supply side of the equation ridding yourself of waste might be the predominant thought. If you use Lean on the demand side, you have a tendency to view it more as a value producing mechanism.

Lean vs Appreciative Inquiry

  • Lean you identify key problems vs AI you look for best experience or practice.
  • Lean analyzes causes vs AI create future vision.
  • Lean finds possible solutions vs AI shares values through dialogue.
  • Lean you create action plans vs AI creates the future.
  • Lean lends itself to linear understanding vs AI “leans” toward circular understanding.

So what are your thoughts?

  • What happens when you take a positive approach to Lean?
  • Does the same problem solving methods work?
  • Can Appreciative Inquiry co-exist with Lean?

I was introduced to Appreciative Inquiry by fellow blogger, Ankit Patel who can be found at The Lean Way Consulting.

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