Lean Engagement Team Book Released

Sales and marketing can no longer operate in a vacuum. It has become a process output that intertwines across many of the departments within the organization. As companies have become flat, their decision making is increasingly being done by committee. As a supplier, you must mimic your customer decision-making path and as a result your sales and marketing will also be done by committee. Our highest priority is to deliver to the customer content that he deems valuable to his decision-making process.

Lean is the future of marketing and one of the main reasons is the development of Agile under the Lean umbrella. Using the Agile Manifesto as a basis for Agile marketing or Lean marketing is a good start. In summary they are based on these principles:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Content-rich material over elaborate promotion
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Response to changing customer needs over following a plan

The further we are from our customers’ knowledge base the more effort has to be made to create a larger and larger supply of prospects. The ability to share and create knowledge with your customer is the strongest marketing tool possible. Successful Sales and Marketing Teams are no longer trying to get their message out but developing strategies to get the message in.

Table of Contents

  • The Path
  • Positioning your organization from your customer’s viewpoint
  • Only the Customer Determine Value
  • PDCA from the Outside-In
  • The iCustomer and iTeam
  • New Lean Thinking
  • Lean Engagement Tools
  • Lean Engagement Team
  • Marketing Gateway of EDCA, PDCA, SDCA


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