Lean Product Development (w Lean 3P) Audio Book

Lean Product Development

This is a collection of Business901 Podcast that has been grouped under the title of Lean Product Development. It includes the authors below in the order if appearance and totals around 3 hours in length. If you prefer a transcription most of them are available on the Business901 Issuu website: https://issuu.com/business901. Ron Mascitelli, Continue reading Lean Product Development (w Lean 3P) Audio Book

Value Proposition: Connecting Product to Market

Value Proposition

This practical title, Creating and Delivering Your Value Proposition: Managing Customer Experience for Profit, shows readers how to build, deliver and harness value propositions to create profitable growth for a business, by utilizing the experience of clients and customers. It provides guidance for business leaders – demonstrating why having a strong Continue reading Value Proposition: Connecting Product to Market

What Makes a Good Event

what makes a great event

This week I am going to do a series of video excerpts from an upcoming podcast with Ruud Janssen, the co-author of an interesting new book, Event Design Handbook: Systematically Design Innovative Events Using the EventCanvas. An overview of the book:  Event design is a new approach to systematically decompose and Continue reading What Makes a Good Event

Success: Constant Independent Learning

Thomas O'Grady

For 35 years, Dr. O’Grady has been studying and winning in the game of breakthrough success. These insights as well as the underlying pieces to motivate and carry you through are contained inside. – from the Amazon book description of Dr. Thomas O’Grady’s new book, The Mechanics for Breakthrough Success: Continue reading Success: Constant Independent Learning

Creating a Perfect Pitch

Perfect Pitch

Founder of One Perfect Pitch, a consulting firm based in San Francisco, Marie Perruchet introduces her new book on the art of pitching “One Perfect Pitch: How to Sell Your Idea, Your Product, Your Business–or Yourself”. Related Podcast: Perfecting Your Pitch Download PDF of Transcription Note: This is a transcription of Continue reading Creating a Perfect Pitch