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I have always been surprised why consultants seldom if ever develop passive income streams. They write countless articles, speak at numerous trade functions, hold workshops and webinars, all with the intent of gaining customers but miss the real reason, BECOMING A RECOGNIZED EXPERT in their field.

Speaking for myself, I never saw the complete picture nor realized how much business and revenue they were leaving on the table until I became closely associated with several of the giants in the publishing world that has reached “expert status.” If you would like to transform your career, develop passive income streams and start commanding that level of expert status, please continue.Expert pinned on noticeboard

Is it important to build an information marketing strategy? Information products are indisputably the best marketing tools for consultants, independent sales professionals, service companies and Internet businesses — because they literally do the sales work for you.

Did you have a backend product or an offer of a Free Download built into your last speaking engagement. Maybe, you receive a solid lead, maybe two from a presentation but what happened to the other twenty-five attendees. Did you give them an opportunity to acquire additional information on the presented subject matter? If you did, you may have received an additional ten more marketing opportunities. Just as important, it would be done all automatically, electronically and no additional effort on your part.

Do you need a book to be recognized as an expert? My answer: why sell your expertise for $20? Use an e-book to assist you in creating your expert status and serve as a gateway to a complete list of media products. If you do that and still want a book, publishers simply salivate when a would be author appears with an expert status, info products developed and a ready-made customer list. So which should come first? Who would a publisher prefer to publish?

Would you like to start building an expert status?

What do you get?

  1. A 3-page Blogsite that I will host and create as a selling tool to include access to a shopping cart and an 8-time auto-responder series for each new signup.
  2. 8 page whitepaper for download purposes – will transcribe from a phone conversation with you.
  3. E-book and 2- 30 minute MP-3’s discussing your expertise and how to implement it will be created from a phone conversation with you.
  4. The above book will be reproduced into printed material and CD’s if desired. Production cost not included.
  5. Podcast interview and published on the Business901 Website.
  6. (2)Generated News releases and released to over 50 PR services..

This program will take approximately 90 days to complete. A complete schedule will be outlined for your review. Any material requested or information needed will be transcribed and formatted from our phone conversations. I will host all services.

This is not just development of the above products. This is not a coaching program. It’s a completely integrated system that recruits new customers, sells them an entry-level product or service, and walks them through your marketing cycle. The Internet is a significant part of any revenue-producing activity for most companies. As more and more consumers go “online” looking for products, services, advice and information you and your company need to be there to meet them with information that convinces them to buy from you but more importantly with a way to buy from you immediately. This will create the activity you need to become well known and respected as an expert in the field.

ARE you interested in developing a passive income stream for life?

ARE you interested in laying the groundwork on becoming a recognized “Expert” in you field?

Do you know a friend that would benefit from Expert Exposure?

You must be accepted into this program. If interested, drop me an e-mail at jtdager@business901.com and mention I would like to become an expert in my field! I will send you the details!

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