Lean Marketing House – Foundation

The foundation of the Lean Marketing House is where the work is done. The stronger the foundation the larger or more pillars it can support. It is these actions that most people really believe makes up the marketing process. Events, Ads and Brochures make up these actions and what I call, executable or check-off type events that can be completed. How we use these items in the marketing funnel is equally, if not more important than the actual task.

This approach is different than most companies employ. Most companies are sold the “bill of goods” in this area and purchase products such as web development, and advertising without knowing the structure it must support.

The floor can built with minimum support but it is something that is walked on every day, so that your organization is touching and using these components every day, This way your marketing becomes part of the culture of the company.

Information is practically becoming free. Few subjects cannot be found at a relative low cost on the web. The real power is in the implementation of this information in a productive and cost-effective manner. For an example, when you look at the lean foundation, you will see much of this that can be easily duplicated for individual marketing channels but also in different parts of the process. Where in one channel it may be used during the know and like stages, in another channel it may be used in the repeat or referred stages. It is important to recognize where and how it is being used so that it is not duplicated to the customer in the same manner. You may even use the foundation blocks so that they feed on each other. E-books can be built from articles which can be built from blog post, etc.

Many organizations focus on these foundation blocks as the core of their marketing process. The focus of Lean Marketing House is on building the foundation to support the structure above. This will cause you to focus on using the tools, foundation blocks, provided with the understanding that the results will drive some customer reaction to move to the next step in the pillar. It is important to be aligned with the pillars to carry out your marketing plan, insuring the mission and visions of the organization are met.

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