Lean Six Sigma – Develop

In my previous post on Lean Six Sigma marketing , I had stated Develop, a new process so that the problem is eliminated and the new results meet the new requirements, was the 4th step in building a Lean Six Sigma marketing process. I also stated that in the Duct Tape Marketing planning system that the Lead Generation coincided with the definition of Develop.

Lead Generation is how we change the marketing process. We take the strategies that we have created: Ideal client, Target Markets, Remarkable Story and how we are going to judge success(measurements) and put them into a plan through our lead generation trio. The trio is simply Public Relations, Referral and Advertising. Categorize all your efforts, events, ads, articles, and even social media. Social Media may force us to create the Lead Generation trio into the L.G. Quad but we will save for another Blog post. I typically ask people their expectations of the event and that in itself can be a measurement of sorts. To simple, yes than it is better than running an ad and having no expectations at all. After that it is typically justified as a branding attempt or that we are just creating awareness. Have a measurement for everything and do not accept less. If it doesn’t work justify it with data and stop doing it.

Now think about this a little bit from the Duct Tape Marketing Perspective , a basic marketing plan consist of Advertising, Public Relation and Referrals.

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