Transforming Ordinary Teams to Extraordinary

Geoff Bellman co-author of Extraordinary Groups: How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Resultswas my guest on the Business901 Podcast. In this book, Geoff and co-author Kathleen Ryan reveal that people instinctively sense when a group experience is something special, something different from the ordinary, something that surpasses their expectations in a positive, remarkable, and hard-to-describe way.

In the podcast, I challenged Geoff several times on the touchy, feely aspect of all this and he came back with some good tangible examples. This is one of those books and even the podcast  that can contribute some insight to practically any participant. We discussed how to create an extraordinary groups to achieve outstanding results, one of the key indicators.

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Geoff has worked inside major corporations for fourteen years before starting his own consulting firm in 1977. His external consulting has focused on renewing large, mature corporations such as Booz Allen & Hamilton, U.S. Bancorp, Verizon, Intuit, Ernst & Young, Shell, Price Waterhouse Coopers, BP, SABMiller, Boeing, and Accenture. He can be found at

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