Behind Collaboration and Value Networks

Value Networks and the true nature of collaboration by Verna Allee with Oliver Schwabe is a digital edition book located at From the book:

Work life is completely changing as social networking and collaboration platforms allow a more human-centric way of organizing work. Yet work design tools, structures, processes, and systems are not evolving as rapidly, and in many cases are simply inadequate to support the new flexible and networked ways of working.

Value Networks and the true nature of collaboration meets this challenge head on with a systemic, human-network approach to managing business operations and ecosystems. Value network modeling and analytics provide better support for collaborative, emergent work and complex activities.

Verna Allee, M.A., is Co-founder and CEO of Value Networks LLC, located at Verna was my guest on the Business901 Podcast and we discussed the history of knowledge management and how her work has evolved into value networks. Value Network philosophies also apply to Lean, Agile and into sales and marketing arena. I find this area fascinating as we rid ourselves of hierarchy, positions and titles and delve into that mysterious area of roles!

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About Verna Allee: Verna has more than twenty years of deep experience in value networks, intangibles, knowledge management, and new business models. She has been a trusted advisor to more than 100 Fortune 1000 companies and has led government agencies, civil society organizations, and entrepreneurial startups in tapping intangible value for increased efficiency and competitive advantage.

Another comment from the book:

Value Network Analysis is an invaluable tool for anyone working with inter-organizational networks in particular.  Its use of roles and exchanges produces a visual, thinking and conversation analysis that finally moves us fully into the network age. – Steve Waddell, Founder Networking Action

I recommend this Verna Allee book, The Future of Knowledge: Increasing Prosperity through Value Networks for reference and to grasp a better business aspect of Knowledge and Value Networks.

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