Business Processes as Value Networks

Verna Allee, CEO,, reflects on the growing interest in understanding business processes as networks and how value network modeling provides a fresh approach.  I encourage you to watch and learn more. People banter about the terms of Community, Collaboration and  Co-Creation with little thought on what they mean or what structure it takes to create them.  Listen to Verna explain how they fit into a typical organizational structure.

Verna has a book that is completely web-based and free at Value Networks and the true nature of collaboration

P.S. Verna is an upcoming guest on the Business901 podcast.

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2 thoughts on “Business Processes as Value Networks”

  1. I enjoyed this clip – wise words from a voice of experience… My simplistic brain jumps to the idea of a process architecture (i.e. seeing processes as blocks and building them into an overall network understanding the touch points / inputs / outputs etc) however I think the lady is probably getting at more… Will have a look at the website – thanks for posting

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