Lean Sales Methods

Lean Sales Methods allows us to start adapting and understanding our customer needs during the sales learning cycles. We no longer can think about control and manipulation that occurs in the traditional sales funnel.  The problem is that sales forces have been forced to create their own hybrid way to accomplish their goals, SALES. As a result, most organization have left the sales people fend for themselves as long as they met their numbers. We accepted a variety of methods from relationship to problem solving selling deeming that every salesperson has their own style. Though this is true, it often results in misinformation and downstream problems after the job has been sold.


Lean Sales Methods

Lean Sales Methods do not organize and streamline the process for a cookie cutter approach. Instead, it emphasizes an action framework that allows sales people and teams to evaluate a range of options around pre-constructed scenarios. In simpler terms, we practice the possible outcomes and determine strength based approaches to them. A general outline of the week long activities:

  1. Gemba Walks
  2. Why every sales call should be constructed around CAP-Do
  3. What Metrics should be reported
  4. How to improve Sales Dialogue
  5. Teaming in the Sales Arena
  6. Why Problem Solving is out and Challenging is in.
  7. What is in it for the Sales Managers

The webinar will be approximately 15 minutes long. Afterwards, there will be an interactive session on Story Dialoguing your Sales Pitch followed by a Q and A session.

Join us and register for this event. The material will be distributed, through a variety of media, to include Business901 blog, podcast, YouTube channels, Slideshare and the newsletter. At a later day, it will be accumulated and posted to the Training content on the Business901 website. By registering, you will receive this material as it is distributed. We will also furnish updates and lessons learned to the registered participants. Only registered participants will be invited to webinar and Q & A.

About: Joe Dager is president of Business901, a firm specializing in bringing the continuous improvement process to the sales and marketing arena. He has taken his process thinking of over thirty years in small business within a wide variety of industries and applied it through Lean Marketing Concepts. Joe put himself through college utilizing the GI Bill, the result of being a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, and as a welder at Asphalt Drum Mixers. This hands-on approach and an education in both in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering have served him well becoming president of that company and later leaving to own several other companies. Joe has participated in company revitalization efforts, start-ups, and turnarounds, in a variety of industries, to include professional services, retail, and manufacturing.

When we use our typical sales and marketing approach, we form an idea of the way things should be, forming maps or journeys that we want our customer to adhere to. As they get further along, we have so much invested that our manipulations get stronger. When they push back, we push back. When we apply what Stephen Covey said, “Seek first to understand,” we only do that for qualification purposes. Successful companies are destined to create the future of the outcomes with their customers. It is not incremental change or problem solving. It is not a prediction, it is what we think will happen.

We can only bring this about through challenging ourselves to first let go of our pre-determined thoughts and build structures based on possible scenarios. It requires experimentation, prototyping and the practice of learning by doing. This is not an easy process and one that requires a well structure outline. CAP-Do offers such an outline and will create a process of understanding and collaboration to help determine the future with our customers. In the Check and Act Stages leads to discovery of what we must attempt, experiment within the Plan and Do stages. Enjoy The CAP-Do book…