Podcast Opportunity

Do you have a subject waiting to be heard?

Business901 Podcast

You may have interest in being interviewed on the Business901 Podcast.

A few of the past participants in the B901 podcast:

  • VP of Lean Six Sigma Development
  • VP of Product Development
  • VP of Lean Six Sigma Training


  • Michael Balle, The Goldmine
  • Drew Locher, Value Stream Development
  • Jamie Flinchbaugh, The Hitchhikers Guide to Lean
  • Mark Graban, Lean Hospitals
  • Karen Martin/Mike Osterling The Kaizen Event Planner
  • Bob Sproull, The Ultimate Improvement Cycle
  • Bill Dettmer, Theory of Constraints
  • David Anderson, Kanban
  • Jim Benson, Personal Kanban
  • James Coplien, Agile
  • Eli Schrangenheim, Theory of Constraints
  • Don Reinersten, Lean Product Development
  • Jeffrey Liker, Toyota Way
  • Verna Allee, The Future of Knowledge
  • Peter Sims, Little Bets
  • Jim Womack
  • Dan Jones
  • Brian Joiner
  • Kevin Edwards Cahill
  • Dr. Joyce Nilsson Orsini

Other Notables:

  • Bob Weiner, President of PAS Technologies
  • Tom DeForge, Lean Value Solutions
  • Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth, Visual Thinking
  • Joe Pine, The Experience Economy
  • Ari Weinzweig, CEO and co-founding partner of Zingerman’s Deli

Service Design

  • Marc Stickdorn
  • Arne van Oosterom
  • Sylvain Cottong
  • Vincenzo Di Maria
  • Lance Bettencourt
  • Adam St. John
  • Alex Osterwalder

Other Companies: Sonoco, Embarq, Northrup Grumman, North Shore Hospitals, etc.
Example of the product:

What I would need from you for the podcast:

  1. Bio: Basically just an “About Us” paragraph. Include pictures, logo and book cover in a jpeg or PDF. (Your press kit is fine, if it is up to date)
  2. Main area of expertise. I would like something specific or a certain discipline such as manufacturing, administrative, marketing.
  3. Any New event, whitepaper, article, book that you would like featured. If possible send me an excerpt or a copy.
  4. Several questions that you would feel important to be asked. I will not promise we will get around to them but if there is a particular plug you would like, I will work it in.
  5. Give me about 4 to 6 keywords(phrases) that are important to your business.
  6. Photos: Yours, book, logo.

My format is pretty simple. I will introduce you and what makes you qualified in your area of expertise and start a conversation. I love to talk about systems, why they work and the problem you encounter in making them work. The more conversational the podcast, the better. The best podcast is if you have a particular point of interest. Being general in the podcast will not drive a lot of listeners. Narrowing the field will. Think about what  you are really passionate about. We want to highlight your expert status, not sell your product. The product will get plugged outside of the podcast.

The podcast will post to my Pod-site, Blog and ITunes. There will be several online news releases. Also will post to different LinkedIn groups and other social media sites. An additional bonus is that I will transcribe the document and create a E-book from it. This will be posted to my site and available to you. If you have interest just e-mail the info and a couple of times that work for you and I will accommodate you.

My audience is typically someone involved in the Lean or Six Sigma field, a manufacturer, or a vendor that is related to manufacturing. The podcast has received pretty good reach mostly as a result of the authors, a connection with Xerox and McGraw-Hill. I also will do a series of podcasts for certain trade organizations utilizing a partial list of their upcoming speakers. Giving them added exposure for the event. The bottom line is that you will get somewhere between a thousand to five thousand touches through the whole process. Whether they listen or read the whole thing who knows, I just get them there!

If interested, e-mail me and see if we have common goals and interest. Thanks for the consideration!

Joe Dager