Successful Salespeople 

….are Focused on the customer

….set High Expectations

….are Self-Motivated

     ….stay in the Moment

….are Intuitive

Few sales managers or salespeople would disagree with any of these statements, but we view these as very difficult traits to be acquired. We might even say that salespeople are born with them. The truth is few of us know how to acquire them. We read self-help and how-to books, attend training sessions and receive coaching to improve these needed traits. This training  may helps us temporarily, but after time we slip back to where we were before.

Just as we need continuous improvement on the shop floor, we need continuous improvement in the sales arena. We need more than a method. We need a way to exercise and sharpen our mind.  We need to develop the skill of intuition. We need a way to develop and maintain a sales personality. What we need is to program ourselves, our minds to success.

Few of us will argue over the power of meditation. It can prove beneficial by providing us clear thought and more energy. It is a skill that needs to be developed taking many years to master. The benefits are enormous it is just a matter of practice. It comes down to the fact most people will not take the time. If you are a salesperson, it is not even a consideration.

The Sales Neuro Charger has been called hi-octane innovation for your brain.

Brain Waves

Think about this: What if there was a brainwave entrainment system that sent monaural signals laced with triple-pulse binaural signals that are harmonically layered in a rhythmic panning that gave you the power of meditation many times over and can be done while you are performing other tasks. That is not all, we also introduce biofield entrainment that assists in using the energy in and around us to enhance this experience.  For salespeople, I can sum it all up by saying The Sales Neuro Charger is meditation on steroids.

The Sales Neuro Charger is so powerful that it will give results and quickly become part of your daily life. A salesperson can walk, exercise or even read the newspaper and gain significant advancements in focus and clear thinking. This is not to say that someone with their lemind road mapgs crossed, eyes tilted 20 degrees upward and paying complete attention to the program will not receive better results, they will.  After using The Sales Neuro Charger for just thirty days, we typically see people making time for a more comprehensive and powerful meditation experiences. Often, they come back to us and ask, “What is the next step?”

The Gamma-Burst is next in the series for the sales professional. It features, among other things, gamma brainwaves. For those who are familiar with the neuroscientific research on meditation, gamma brainwaves will be familiar particularly because they were found in Tibetan Buddhist monks who were practicing compassion meditation. But, for those who aren’t familiar with this, gamma brainwaves are very fast brain waves. Among the different brainwave categorizations recognized in neuroscience, they’re among the fastest. When gamma brainwaves are coherent, they are often associated with very high degrees of information processing, very high levels of concentration.

This Sales NeuroCharger program is designed to help you experience:

  • Increased energy
  • Increased focus
  • Clear thinking
  • Mood brightening
  • Increased productivity
  • Effortless learning
  • More capacity for sustained attention

In this program you will find:

  • 1 60-minute track
  • A comprehensive user manual
  • Gated Frequencies based on Tomatis’ work that facilitates increased energy and focus
  • Subliminal Harmonics to facilitate a quiet mind and calm state of focus
  • Brainwave patterns in High Alpha/Low Beta
  • Energetic frequencies for increased hemispheric communication, memory recall, mood enhancement, anti-fatigue….and much more.

This Gamma-Burst program is designed for people wanting to take that next step:

  • Intense focus
  • Increased energy
  • Increased social engagement
  • Ultra-high information processing
  • Aha! experiences
  • Creativity
  • Mood Brightening
  • Deep Invigoration
  • Enduring Energy
  • Joy & Enthusiasm

In this program you will find:

  • 3 20-minute tracks (60 minutes total)
  • A comprehensive User eManual
  • Brainwave patterns in High Alpha/Low Beta
  • Energetic frequencies for increased hemispheric communication, memory recall, mood enhancement, anti-fatigue….and much more.

Most of our Clients  buy the package below that incorporate both products.

Package Includes:

  • 1 NeuroCharger
  • 1 Gamma-Burst
  • MP3 & WAV digital formats (Mac, PC, mobil compatible)
  • User eManual – digital download
  • Practitioner’s Forum
  • Weekly Group Coaching Call
  • Powerful Brain Enhancing Technology