Lean Service Design Trilogy

We live in a service-centric world. Even companies to include most manufacturers are defined not by their products but the services they offer.

  • Can we continue to give away services to sell products?
  • Has production capacity slowed that we now have excess overhead?
  • Are we so efficient in our services, that we have excess capacity?
  • Is it time that we design around our services?
  • Is it time to discover, how to develop our services into a profit center?

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Lean Service Design changes the way you think about business. No longer can companies focus their efforts on process improvements. Instead, they must engage the customer in use of their product/service rather than analyzing tasks for improvement. We no longer build and hope that there is a demand. We must create demand through our product/service and Lean Service Design is the enabler of this process. It changes our mindset of thinking about design at the end of the supply chain to make it look good and add a few appealing features (all within budget). Instead, it moves design and the user themselves to co-create or co-produce the desired experience to the beginning of the supply chain.

 Lean Service Design Trilogy

Lean Service Design Trilogy

Above is a Venn Diagram on how I view the three disciplines of Lean, Service, and Design. I have included SDCA, PDCA, EDCA as a way to demonstrate the use of Lean in Services and Design. I like to use the term EDCA learned from Graham Hill  to designate the Explore aspect of Lean.  I view it as more of Design Type thinking content that allows for that collaborative learning cycle with a customer.  SD-Logic is the short term for Service-Dominant Logic  and my blog posts, The End of Best in Market and Path to Participation discuss this view in more detail.


Bring this Workshop on-site!


This course is ideally suited for…

  • Product Managers
  • Value Stream Managers
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Small Business Owners
  • Consultants
  • Lean Practitioners
  • Design Thinkers
  • Architects
  • Professional Services
  • Service Designers

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Bring this Workshop on-site!

This is a 35 minute presentation on the principles that the trilogy is based on. Lean Service Design Trilogy eLearning course is highly influenced by Service Design Thinking and Lean as the business process. We will use the Lean methods of SDCA, PDCA and EDCA as they relate to each discipline and the path between Service through SD-Logic (The Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing) to Design.

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Bring this Workshop on-site!

Video credits:
Dan Jones, Lean Enterprise UK
What is Zappos?
Michael Balle, The Gemba Coach at the Lean Enterprise
Tim Brown, IDEO
This is Service Design Thinking
Janet McColl-Kennedy, University of Queensland
Dr. James Womack of the Lean Enterprise

The umbrella of Lean offers Service Design a method of entry into a well-established market. Lean has been very successful in Services and Design through traditional practices. However, we must move away from these traditions and institute a wider scope of Design to Services. This download contains a 130-page PDF book, workbook with forms, PDFs and training videos.

Lean Service Design Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – Lean (SDCA)
  • Chapter 2 – Service (PDCA)
  • Chapter 3 – Design (EDCA)
  • Chapter 4 – Trilogy

In addition, for a limited time, I have included 2 popular eBooks from the Marketing with Lean Series:

  1. Lean Engagement Team (More Info): The ability to share and create knowledge with your customer is the strongest marketing tool possible.
  2. CAP-Do (More Info): What makes CAP-Do so attractive is that it assumes we do not have the answers. It allows us to create a systematic way to address the problems (pain) or opportunities (gain) from the use of our products and services.

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