Can’t solve A Problem Without A Well Rounded Idea Of The Problem

Jim Benson is best known for his seminal work, Personal Kanban.  Our conversation tomorrow centers on his new work, Why Limit WIP: We are Drowning in Work (MemeMachine Series) (Volume 2). This is an excerpt from one of my favorite podcast (Related Podcast and Transcription:  Quality & Collaboration = Quallaboration An Continue reading

Crowdsourcing The Next 7 Tools

Leave a 3-Minute Video on Your Favorite Tool. Why do you like it? (This is A Google Community: Next 7 Tools) Community purpose: to explore, create, and perfect the next generation of continuous improvement tools that will lift the quality and effectiveness of organizations beyond 2020. The first seven tools Continue reading

A Strength Based Lesson thru Visuality

Bob Petruska, author of Gemba Walks for Service Excellence: The Step-by-Step Guide for Identifying Service Delighters discussed what he learned (part 2 of 2) about  Sur-Seal Corporation after listening to the podcast (part 1of 1) with Mick Wilz, Director of Enterprise Excellence and Co-Owner of Sur-Seal. Related Podcasts and Transcription: Continue reading

Lean Implementation: Use the Language of Industry

“Until these guys actually did it hands-on, it just didn’t register with them.” – Scott Sedam Scott Sedam is President of TrueNorth Development and Todd Hallett, AIA, President of TK Design & Associates, Inc. are my guest this week on the Business901 podcast. These guys are at the forefront of Continue reading

Quality through Individual Actions Presentation

Below is a presentation that I will be giving this week to the Plantmix Asphalt Industry of Kentucky. It will be during the winter training school and focus on Building a Quality Program through your Actions. This an hour long presentation and I noticed a few parts that the subject Continue reading

Blended Learning Programs in Lean Six Sigma

Many people shy away from quality or continuous improvement programs since they are unable to see the direct benefits of it. Steven C. Wilson a leading Lean Six Sigma Trainer in the State of Iowa outlined a unique training program at the Southwest Iowa Manufacturers Alliance for Quality program. He Continue reading

Balancing Internal and External Lean Six Sigma Consulting Roles

Steve is the epitome of today’s successful consultant. He acts as a in-house consultant for a major healthcare facility in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area, instructs at many of the Iowa Community Colleges, conducts Green Belt and Black Belt training for industry and hosts the Blog Talk Radio Show, Quality Continue reading

Is it an insult to say that it’s documented?

Lindsay Jackson Nichols discussed the business benefits of ISO Certification and how it can be used in conjunction with continuous improvement in the Business901 podcast, Can there be a marriage between ISO and Lean? Lindsay is the CEO of MOCG, a management consulting firm specializing in implementing process improvement and Continue reading