Individual Lean, the Root Cause of Success 0

Can the principles of Lean be applied to your daily life?  Dan Markovitz, founder and owner of TimeBack Management certainly thinks so. He has developed a consultancy specializing in improving individual and organizational performance through the application of lean concepts. Dan has backed up his claim in his latest book,  A Factory of One: Applying Lean Principles to Banish Waste and Improve Your Personal Performance.  Dan feels Lean can be just as powerful for yourself as it for organizations.Dan Markovitz

After talking to Dan, I reviewed the 5 basic principles of Lean:

  1. Identify Value
  2. Map Value Stream
  3. Create Flow
  4. Establish Pull
  5. Seek Perfection

I certainly found an interesting relation to how I apply them from an organizational standpoint and how I could use them to improve my day. Dan gave a few tips and encouraged me to find the root cause of several of my most nagging problems. I can’t say the choices were easy but I was certainly able to address them and make decisions accordingly. Now, if I can only sustain it!!!

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I reviewed the book in this blog post: How do you handle inputs into your life? and there is a written excerpt from the podcast, Can you Lean yourself?.

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