Customer Retention w Six Sigma Marketing

The Retention (Improve) stage could also be called the Enhancement stage. For value leaders, the focus should be on enhancing value to sustain their leadership position. Extending the gap between the value an organization provides and the value provided by the nearest competitor can lead to best in market status. Value followers will want to improve those elements of the value creation and delivery system that will close the gap. This is when organizations need to enhance or improve their competitive value proposition in accordance to the directives of the market place. Customer Retention

5 Cs of Driving Market Share is a comprehensive program. It is not a project-by-project approach for reducing the costs of marketing activities, but rather an approach that seeks to enhance marketing’s effectiveness and efficiency. For organizations that have deployed Six Sigma or other quality initiatives, the 5 Cs approach provides a user friendly bridge for moving the quality focus from the manufacturing floor to the marketplace. Those seeking to become best in market must shift their focus from a product orientation to a market orientation, from an internal efficiency focus to an external focus. Best in market companies will be those that can make this transformation and make it soon.

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Dr. Eric Reidenbach the creator of this program has allowed me to offer the audio section of the program on the Business901 Blog this week. An outline of this weeks activities:

  1. Monday: Customer Identification
  2. Tuesday: Customer Value
  3. Wednesday: Customer Acquisition
  4. Thursday: Customer Retention
  5. Friday: Customer Monitoring

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