Customer Value Lens

In part 2 of this 3 part podcast Mike Dalton the founder of Guided Innovation Group, discussed The Customer Value Lens. Mike says, “That means the first thing you have to do is be out in the marketplace, be out with customers, potential customers or new markets and be looking for the problems, the things that they are trying to do that are difficult for them.”

In Mikes recent book, Simplifying Innovation: Doubling speed to market and new product profits – with your existing resourceshe discussed the Customer Value Lens and much more. The book was just released in January and has received some good reviews.Simplifying Innovation

“A Theory of Constraints approach to the process of innovation was long overdue. Production, project management, supply chain, and policy constraint analysis have all been comprehensively addressed. But until now, no one has thought to examine the ramifications of constraint theory on the challenge of innovation. Mike Dalton’s novel was worth waiting for. Simplifying Innovation synthesizes innovation best practices and the focusing step framework to create a powerful new application of TOC. Let it stimulate your imagination as it did mine.” –H. William Dettmer, author of Strategic Navigation

“Inside a fascinating business novel, that I literally couldn’t put down, Mike Dalton has created a hands-on field manual to extending the Theory of Constraints to innovation – I only wished I had the benefit of Mike’s insights during my days as an R&D leader in Bell Labs.” –Dr. Matthew W. Sagal, co-author of The Strongest Link

Mike’s company, Guided Innovation has created The Guided Innovation System™ , their unique TOC-based approach to rapid innovation improvement is helping companies slash time to market in half and nearly double new product profits.


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