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Last Weeks Podcast guest was Dr. Joey Faucette (@drjoey). Dr. Joey is an internationally known author of the #1 Amazon best-seller, Work Positive in a Negative World: Redefine Your Reality and Achieve Your Business Dreams. His career was launched as a 9-year old door to door Christmas card salesman enabling him to purchase a new bike.

Transcription and Related Podcast

An excerpt from the Podcast/Transcription:

Dr. Joey: I’m discovering some negative people at work. “How do I deal with these negative people without becoming one myself?” becomes a real serious case for me because as Jim Rohm told us for so many years, “We become the average of the five persons with whom we associate the most.” I really help a lot of people and in fact this is one of the keynotes that I enjoy doing, discover how to remain positive, how to be positive without becoming negative like these people. I have a pet name for negative people Joe. That’s Eeyore vampires. I call them Eeyore vampires. You remember Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh. His constant refrain was, “It’ll never work.”

These people from work are like that. You can try that new method if you want to or you can do something different if you want to, which is usually what they’re bristling against because it’s unfamiliar, and it’s changed. But it’s going to fail. It’s okay I guess – it’d be one thing to deal with these Eeyores if they stayed at work but when you leave work, and you go home and the sun goes down, Eeyores morph into vampires who begin suck time, energy and attention away from you. You’re at home with your family, the people that you love, and you choose to be with, and who are you thinking about? That Eeyore at work, whether it’s the boss, or it’s a coworker or an employee, a customer, a client. And so they’re Eeyore vampires. How do you deal with those Eeyore vampires without becoming one yourself is a key component of how you conceive the positive at work Joe.

Joe: You have to go ahead and be able to gather support. You have to build that social community of being positive and conceive it that way. What’s the third practice?

Dr. Joey: The third core practice of a work positive lifestyle Joe is, “I believe it.” This is the emotional dynamic. It really has two components to it. One is being engaged with your work. We mention meaning, purpose, fulfillment, satisfaction, things like that earlier. That’s where this comes into play. Feeling like my work makes a difference. Seeing my work as valuable. I get fulfillment out of my work. As I like to say, “Do what you love and love what you do.” There’s that emotional engagement with your work. But there’s also Joe, the negative world can emotionally crush us if we let it and if we’re just in these deluge, these tsunamis of negativity which seem to be coming at us from all over the place.

Transcription and Related Podcast

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